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I don´t make money on my photographs, they rather express my perception of nature. I specialize on nature photography, often with residues of ancient architecture. I continue to be fascinated by forests, solitary formations, impressions created by sunrise and sunset, fog, frost and rain. My pictures are taken during trips over the whole word, mainly as thematic series. I try keeping the documentary value of my pictures, after a few years can the place be irreversibly altered. My photographs remain realistic and true, they are stylized only by the topic selection, not by picture post-processing. I use taking pictures at (nearly) any weather and in any terrain. Ideal weather brings nice pictures, but results at difficult conditions are often surprising. Since my childhood, I admire the forest in different forms and keep trying to capture it´s magic atmosphere.

I work with a large format camera, using a 4x5" flat film. Digital pictures for this gallery are created by negative scanning and subsequent digital image post-processing to compensate for sharpness and contrast loss during scanning. But the final products are still archived negatives and classical 24 x 18" paper prints made in the darkroom.